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 Uses of Sweet Potatoes, Shakarkand

  Last Updated : Nov 28,2019

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16 Uses of Sweet Potato, Shakarkand

Sweet potatoes popularly known as shakarkand in India is a naturally sweet root vegetable. It is found throughout the year though especially during winters. The sweet potato has yellow or orange flesh, and its thin skin may either be white, yellow, orange, red or purple. Roadside vendors across India sell roasted shakarkand sprinkled with lemon juice and chaat masala

Mumbai Roadside Sweet Potato RecipeMumbai Roadside Sweet Potato Recipe

Scroll below to find the uses of Sweet Potato. 

1. Sweet potatoes, in India, are best known to be served roasted and sprinkled with masalas and sold by roadside vendors. This chaat form is famous throughout northern India, especially during the winters. Another famous chaat called Kadak is served cooked in dabeli masala and is native to kutch

Aloo Aur Shakarkand ki ChaatAloo Aur Shakarkand ki Chaat

2. Oondhiya is a famous Gujarati shaak/subzi made with fresh winter produce. Among the many vegetables used in this dish, sweet potato is one. All the different components come together to make a flavorful dish with various textures. 

Oondhiya ( Pressure Cooker )Oondhiya ( Pressure Cooker )

3. In south India, sweet potato is boiled, peeled, chopped and added to vegetable preparations. It is also stir fried and then tempered with mustard seeds, chilies and curry leaves. This dish is famously called Sweet potato poriyal or Sakkaravalli Kizhangu Poriyal.  

Grilled Sweet Potato, Low Salt RecipeGrilled Sweet Potato, Low Salt Recipe

4.  A healthy alternate to the sugar laden puran poli is a Sweet Potato Puranpoli. Because the vegetable is naturally sweet, the filling of the puran poli does not require a lot of sugar, making it healthier. 

Sweet Potato PuranpoliSweet Potato Puranpoli

5. Vrat or Upvas are those days in the year where many Indians do not eat certain vegetables, pulses and grains. The food of those fasting days is called Faraal and Sweet potato is one of the main ingredients used for faraal food. A few faraal recipes perked up with this vegetable are Sweet Potato Khichdi and cutlets. Boiled sweet potato with milk is also a common faraal dish. 

Sweet Potato Khichdi, Vrat, Upvas

Sweet Potato Khichdi, Vrat, Upvas

6. Shakarkand is an excellent option for people on a diet who do not want to cut down on their sweet cravings! Due to the naturally sweet flesh, it can replace the unhealthy sugar and ghee in their diet.  A few Indian desserts where shakarkand can be used is a Sweet potato Rabdi, where grated sweet potato is boiled with milk to get a delicious rabdi or a Sweet Potato Halwa.

Sweet Potato RabdiSweet Potato Rabdi

7. Boiled sweet potato can easily be mashed, combined with other ingredients and be formed into cutlets

8. Bhaja Pithe is a traditional sweet recipe from West Bengal. A mix of coconut and sugar is stuffed inside a dough made from dal, sweet potato and rice flour, and is deep fried. This is usually served as a dessert. 

Sweet Potato Halwa ( Low Calorie Healthy Cooking )Sweet Potato Halwa ( Low Calorie Healthy Cooking )

9. Speaking of desserts, a really innovative way to use sweet potatoes is to make gujab jamun with it.  

10. Shakarkand has similar properties to a potato but is healthier as it is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. One can reap its benefits by cooking it in a healthy way too. Baked Sweet Potato Fries and Grilled Sweet Potato are two ways in which you can enjoy the taste of the vegetable and take advantage of its health benefits together. 

Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Evening SnackBaked Sweet Potato Fries, Evening Snack

11. Apart from oondhiya, you can add sweet potato to many other vegetable preparations like Gajbaje, a Konkan special.

Gajbaje, Mixed Vegetable in Coconut CurryGajbaje, Mixed Vegetable in Coconut Curry

12. Rotis and pancakes are one way of adding sweet potatoes into your diet. Sweet Potato Roti is a new type of roti with the pleasant flavor of sweet potatoes, perked up with spice powders. By making use of grated sweet potato we can make a shakarkand chilla or rosti with a unique texture. 

Sweet Potato RotiSweet Potato Roti

13. Purée cooked sweet potatoes with bananas, maple syrup and cinnamon. Top with chopped walnuts. 

14.Starch obtained from sweet potatoes are used to make glass noodles which are consumed in the East-Asian countries. 

Sweet Potato and Sesame CroquettesSweet Potato and Sesame Croquettes

15. In the western countries, sweet potato pies and baked sweet potatoes are common snacks during the holiday of Thanksgiving. They are also put in muffins and cakes to give them a natural sweetness. 

16. Roasted sweet potatoes are an excellent addition to salads and also add a thick, creamy texture to soups like a Spring onion and sweet potato soup

Sweet Potato and Spring Onion Soup by Tarla DalalSweet Potato and Spring Onion Soup by Tarla Dalal

You can click here of you want to know more about the Benefits of sweet potato, shakarkand.

uses of sweet potatoes shakarkand

 by Tarla Dalal
It’s really delightful to bite into hot, soft, pleasantly-sweet cubes of sweet potato spiced up with black salt and spice powders and laced with a squeeze of lime. Indeed, this tongue-tickling delight is a great hit with people of all age groups. It is quick and easy, and makes a really fuss-free, flavour-packed evening snack. It is a popular snack sold on the streets of Mumbai, and is enjoyed piping hot by pedestrians, kids and people returning from office in the evening. When making the Mumbai Roadside Sweet Potato Recipe at home too, make sure you serve it super hot to get the same feel and flavour. You can also try other popular street foods like Ram Ladoo or Vada Pav .
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 by Tarla Dalal
pressure cooker undhiya recipe | surti undhiyu in pressure cooker | pressure cooker oondhiya | kathiyawadi undhiyu pressure cooker recipe is an authentic Gujarati recipe, made in every household during winter season. Learn how to make kathiyawadi undhiyu pressure cooker recipe. To make pressure cooker undhiya, combine the fresh vaal, fresh vaal seeds, carom seeds and soda bi-carb, mix well and keep aside for 30 minutes. Then make methi muthias. Combine all the ingredients along with little water and mix well to make a smooth mixture. Divide the dough into 10 equal portions and shape each portion into an oval shape by rolling it between your palms and fingers. Heat the oil in a kadhai and deep-fry muthias a few at a time on a medium flame till they turn golden brown in colour from all the sides. Then stuff the brinjals with a little masala, add all the vegetables including the brinjals to the masala, toss well and keep aside. Heat the oil is pressure cooker and temper with carom seeds. Add the fresh vaal, masala vegetables and fresh vaal seeds. Combine 1/4 cup of water, salt, turmeric powder, coriander-cumin seeds powder and sugar and mix well. Pour this masala water over the vegetables and pressure cook for 2 whistles. Cut each banana into 3 pieces and slit them vertically. Stuff them with some masala. Transfer the kathiyawadi undhiyu pressure cooker to a broad non-stick kadhai and add the methi muthias and stuffed bananas, cover and cook for 10 minutes. Serve hot garnished with fresh green garlic. A classic Gujarati recipe, surti undhiyu in pressure cooker, with its exciting mix of veggies and spices, has withstood the test of time and become a hot favourite with many generations of Indians across the world. A colourful combination of vegetables and fenugreek-flavoured dumplings are cooked with an aromatic masala that features coconut, coriander and assorted spice powders. Enjoy surti undhiyu in pressure cooker hot and fresh, with rotis or rice, to make a hearty meal! Tips for pressure cooker undhiiya. 1. Remember to cut vegetables into big pieces only otherwise the veggies will turn mushy on pressure cooking. 2. Add very little water while making the muthia dough, else they might not bind well. 3. Pressure cook for only 2 whistles because you have to cook it on an open flame later. Enjoy pressure cooker undhiya recipe | surti undhiyu in pressure cooker | pressure cooker oondhiya | kathiyawadi undhiyu pressure cooker recipe .
 by Tarla Dalal
sweet potato puran poli recipe | shakarkand puranpoli | puran poli with sweet potato | with 32 amazing images. sweet potato puran poli is a sweet stuffed flat bread made by the stuffing of cooked mashed sweet potato and jaggery. Learn how to make sweet potato puran poli recipe | shakarkand puranpoli | puran poli with sweet potato | Sweet potatoes have been used instead of dal to make these shakarkand puranpoli. Cardamom powder, nutmeg and saffron are add to the pleasing aroma of these low-fat puranpolis. This Maharashtrian recipe is also called as Ratale puran poli. A healthy version of the traditional calorie laden puranpolis. Enjoy them with low fat milk or ghee for a sweet ending! Tips to make sweet potato puranpoli: 1. Instead of sugar you can add jaggery to make puranpoli stuffing. 2. If you wish you can also add grated coconut, it will a nice taste. 3. Milk is used to knead the dough for making soft puran polis. Enjoy sweet potato puran poli recipe | shakarkand puranpoli | puran poli with sweet potato | with detailed step by step images.
Sweet potato halwa is an all-time favourite traditional indian sweet that is an ideal accompaniment for any indian meal. Usually, it is laden with loads of ghee and that is the reason dieters steer clear of it. I’ve managed to make mouth-watering halwa minus the fat, but rich in fibre, potassium and calcium by using sweet potatoes! the calories are further lowered due to the usage of low-fat milk.
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 by Tarla Dalal
sweet potato rabdi recipe | shakarkand rabri | rabdi for vrat, upvas, fasting | with 26 amazing images. sweet potato rabdi recipe | shakarkand rabri | rabdi for vrat, upvas, fasting is a gratifying sweet which can be enjoyed during upvas. Learn how to make shakarkand rabri. To make sweet potato rabdi, first put the milk to boil in a broad non-stick pan. Add the sweet potatoes and cook on a slow flame for 15 minutes or till the potatoes are tender, while stirring occasionally. Add the sugar, mix well and cook on a slow flame for 2 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Add the saffron-milk mixture and cardamom powder and mix well. Cool sweet potato rabdi lightly and then refrigerate for 1 hour. Serve the sweet potato rabdi chilled garnished with almond and pistachio slivers. Sweets are an integral part of Indian meals. Shakarkand rabri is a unique mithai which is delicately flavoured with saffron and cardamom powder. This is sure to make you feel like a king! Since sweet potato has an innate sweetness, the amount of sugar to be added is also less. Garnished with almonds and pistachios, you will be amazed to see how closely this quick sweet potato rabdi resembles the traditional, time consuming recipe. Enjoy it during fasting festivals like Janmashtami, Holi, Navratri etc. Adding grated sweet potatoes along with milk being boiled to make rabdi helps achieve the desired consistency and texture quite easily and quickly, without much ado. This is because the grated sweet potato, once cooked, gives a texture similar to the creamy chunks found in traditional rabdi. If you like rabdi for vrat, upvas, fasting, then also do try mithais using sweet potatoes like Sweet Potato Halwa or Sweet Potato Puranpoli. Tips for sweet potato rabdi. 1. Cook on a slow flame for 15 minutes or till the potatoes are tender, while stirring occasionally. You need to stir the sides and the bottom of the pan from preventing the milk from burning. 2. Always use full-fat milk to make sweet potato rabri | shakarkand rabdi | it gives a rich and creamy consistency. 3. Cook rabri on a slow to medium flame only. 4. Always serve sweet potato rabri chilled. Enjoy sweet potato rabdi recipe | shakarkand rabri | rabdi for vrat, upvas, fasting | with step by step photos.
sweet potato khichdi recipe | shakarkand upvas khichdi | rataloo chi khichdi | faral, vrat khichdi | with 25 amazing images. sweet potato khichdi recipe | shakarkand upvas khichdi | rataloo chi khichdi | faral, vrat khichdi is a simple recipes for fasting days that sync with upvas rules. Learn how to make shakarkand upvas khichdi. To make sweet potato khichdi, heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan, add the cumin seeds and curry leaves and sauté on a medium flame for 30 seconds. Add the sweet potatoes, potatoes, mix well and cover it with a lid and cook on a medium flame for 8 to 10 minutes, or till the potatoes are cooked, while stirring occasionally. Add the green chilli paste, lemon juice, coriander, peanuts, sugar and salt, mix well and cook on a medium flame for 3 minutes, while stirring occasionally. Serve hot. This simple but tasty rataloo chi khichdi is made with grated potatoes and sweet potatoes, tempered traditionally and flavoured with everyday ingredients like green chillies and lemon juice. We have added coarsely crushed peanuts to the recipe, to improve the flavour and texture. While we have used curry leaves and coriander in this sumptuous khichdi for upvas, you can avoid adding it if you wish to. Enjoy the faral, vrat khichdi hot and fresh with Rajgira ki Kadhi as a satiating meal. Tips for sweet potato khichdi. 1. There are two things you need to take care of, when making this khichdi. As you grate the potatoes and sweet potatoes, you should keep immediately placing them in water to avoid discoloration. 2. Also, when the Sweet Potato Khichdi is getting cooked, you must keep stirring it to avoid the grated potatoes sticking to the pan. 3. One of the popular Maharashtrian shakarkand upvas khichdi can be served with curds. Enjoy sweet potato khichdi recipe | shakarkand upvas khichdi | rataloo chi khichdi | faral, vrat khichdi | with step by step photos.
baked sweet potato fries recipe | oven baked Indian sweet potato fries | garlic shakarkand fries | with 30 amazing images. baked sweet potato fries recipe | oven baked Indian sweet potato fries | garlic shakarkand fries is a healthy alternative to deep-fried fries. Learn how to make oven baked Indian sweet potato fries. To make baked sweet potato fries, combine the sweet potato fingers, cornflour and sea salt in a deep bowl and mix well. Add olive oil and toss well again. Place the sweet potatoes on a baking tray and ensure there is a gap between each fry. You will need to put the fries in 2 baking trays. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 210ºC (420ºF) for 25 minutes, while turning the fries once in between after 12 minutes. Add the garlic powder, pepper powder and chilli powder and toss well. Serve immediately. Here is an off-beat treat that will make your evening very special! Oven baked Indian sweet potato fries is crisp and spicy enough to suit a winter’s evening, yet light enough to fit into a summer’s day too, which makes it truly an all-weather treat. Garlic shakarkand fries as easy as tossing together cut sweet potatoes, olive oil and seasonings and baking them. With so little effort, what you get is totally out-of-this-world. These fries are crisp outside, soft inside, and appetizingly flavoured. What more can you ask for?! Sweet potatoes are a source of vitamin A and vitamin C which promote skin, eye and hair health. The olive oil adds in some MUFA (mono unsaturated fatty acids) which have heart protecting benefits. While these baked sweet potato fries are non-fried, it is important to note that small quantities of cornflour has been used for coating them. Tips for making baked sweet potato fries. 1. If you see any cornflour on the potatoes, mix it well in with your fingers. 2. Place the cut sweet potatoes on a baking tray and ensure there is a gap between each fry. Enjoy baked baked sweet potato fries recipe | oven baked Indian sweet potato fries | garlic shakarkand fries | with step by step photos.
grilled sweet potato recipe | Indian grilled sweet potato | low salt healthy snack | with 23 amazing images. You will love the interplay of flavours as well as the fabulous mouth-feel of the grilled sweet potatoes. Learn how to make grilled sweet potato recipe | Indian grilled sweet potato | low salt healthy snack | Indian grilled sweet potato is rich in potassium and magnesium, sweet potatoes are known to enhance kidney function, making them good for those having high blood pressure . grilled sweet potato is a scrumptious snack made using this beneficial veggie. Simple and easy to make, this snack features slices of parboiled, unpeeled sweet potatoes grilled to perfection and bathed in a tongue-tickling dressing with hints of tang, spice and sweetness. Relish this grilled sweet potato as soon as you prepare it, while the textures and flavours are fresh and flavourful. Tips to make grilled sweet potato: 1. You can skip adding honey in the recipe. 2. If you want to serve it later, marinade the sweet potatoes and refrigerate it. 3. Make sure to serve grilled sweet potato immediately for the best flavours. Enjoy grilled sweet potato recipe | Indian grilled sweet potato | low salt healthy snack | with detailed step by step images.
A delicacy from Konkan cuisine, Gajbaje is a dish of mixed vegetables in a spicy coconut curry. The dish is quite easy to prepare – veggies are cooked till soft and then flavoured with a peppy coconut paste and finally topped with a traditional tempering, which instantly boosts the flavour and aroma of the dish. The coconut paste has a self-contained flavour, with the spiciness of red chillies and the tanginess of tamarind. Together with the tempering, this paste gives the assortment of veggies a totally fabulous taste! Some communities of the Konkan belt make this traditional delicacy on Aashad Ekadasi day, using a unique mix of veggies like amaranth stem, taro leaves, bamboo shoots and jackfruit seeds. It is believed that during their sojourn in the forest, one of the Pandavas, Bheema made this dish on Ekadasi day using the ingredients available in the wilderness they were residing in. Nevertheless, you can feel free to just open your fridge and use whatever veggies you find in it!
 by Tarla Dalal
The Sweet Potato Roti is an off-beat roti with the pleasant flavour of sweet potatoes, perked up with spice powders and coriander. The scrumptious mouth-feel and peppy flavour of this mildly-sweet roti is sure to be loved by young and old alike. It is comparable to thepla but quite different too, which makes it a must-try! You can serve it as a snack or for breakfast, with your favourite subzi or just curds and pickle. You can also try other sweet potato recipes like Sweet Potato Tikki or Sweet Potato Khichdi.
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 by Tarla Dalal
The sweet potato and spring onion soup is much more than a flavourful appetiser. It is actually a sumptuous meal in its own right. Energy-giving and wholesome sweet potatoes are combined with aromatic spring onions in this delectable soup, which gathers its rich texture and mouth-feel from a cuppa of milk and oodles of fresh cream. It is a wonderful selection for kids as well as elders as it not only satiates hunger but also gives enough energy to handle the action-packed day.
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Uses of Sweet Potatoes, Shakarkand
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